Late recap but I was away on vacation. Let's quickly recap week 8.

CLIPPERS vs WARRIORS: The Warriors shorthanded and the Clippers took advantage just like they got taken advantage of the previous week. Good win or the Clips.

Final Score: Clippers 65 - 42 Warriors             Player of the Game:   MALCOLM LONDON 25pts/1reb/10asts/3stls/2blks

LAKERS vs NETS: Lakeshow rolls on with another dub. They are getting contributions from the entire team and that was key in this one. Jake, Deshaun, Jonathan and Abdul were all big in this game!

Final Score: Lakers 54 - 41 Nets             Player of the Game:   CHRISTIAN OVERHOLT 15pts/7rebs/7asts/2stls/1blk  

 Austin joined the Suns for his debut and they look like a completely different team now. They destroyed the Kings in a cakewalk. Adrian with 13 boards and 12 dimes while Jenu and Austin drop 20 plus. This team looks good

Final Score: Suns 90 - 41 Kings             Player of the Game:   ERIC GNANAPRAGASAM 19pts/5rebs/4asts/3stls/3blks - 89% Shooting  

 Just an impressive first half for the Nuggets and then they cruised to victory in the 2nd half. Wolves will have to regroup.

Final Score: Nuggets 76 - 63 Wolves             Player of the Game:   JESSE WILLIAMS 21pts/6rebs/4asts - 100% Shooting

HEAT vs HORNETS: Heat finally get their first dub in a nice comeback victory over the struggling Hornets. Malcolm went crazy as he put the team on his back. Good job by the Heat in this one.

Final Score: Heat 59 - 56 Hornets             Player of the Game:   MALCOLM KING 29pts/14rebs/1asts/1stls/1blk  

 Magic take care of the Grizz in a highly anticipated matchup. Lack of scoring on both sides and I was thinking the size of the Grizz would be a problem for the Magic. Magic are just too smart and too quick though.

Final Score: Magic 42 - 34 Grizzlies             Player of the Game:   JAVED AHMAD 16pts/6rebs/4asts/2stls/1blk  

 Competitive game as usual but the Bulls manage to hang on in the end. Raps lose another tough one but hopefully they can get it going soon. 

Final Score: Bulls 73 - 68 Raptors             Player of the Game:   TROY ARCHER 22pts/1reb/3asts/1stl - 59% Shooting