Got the week 10 recaps below! 

MAGIC vs CLIPPERS: The Magic hold on to beat the Clips in a hard fought battle. It did take overtime and a big time game from Kris G. Javed could not find his shot in this one but did a bunch of the other stuff and almost finished with a triple double. Clippers stars showed up and Kidojan chipped in with 8 points but the rest of the role guys came up with 1 bucket total which hurt them in this one. 

Final Score: Magic 58 - 54 Clippers             Player of the Game:    KRISOTH GNANENTHRA 26pts/5rebs/2asts/1stl - 53% Shooting

NETS vs HEAT: Nets were shorthanded but got the job done against the lowly Heat. Vishnu went crazy in this one and really put the team on his back to get the dub. He is young but has the capability to really put his mark on the game. He needs to hunt for his shots and be the man on the squad. Lew seems like the facilitator and the rest just gotta chip in and do what they can. Nice win for the Nets. 

Final Score: Nets 57 - 50 Heat             Player of the Game:   VISHNU BALAMURALY 26pts/6rebs/4asts/2stls - 50% Shooting

SUNS vs CAVALIERS: This was a great showing by the Suns who are really coming together at the right time. Austin was great and has really turned this team around. His presence has been key. Janath with 33 and did all he could to try and steal this game. Would be great to see these two clash in the playoffs again.

Final Score: Suns 65 - 59 Cavs             Player of the Game:    AUSTIN NZIGE-NYAMBOK 16pts/9rebs/1ast - 62% Shooting

KINGS vs WOLVES: Kings sneak one out against the Wolves. Not a pretty game by both teams but the Kings did just enough down the stretch to take this home. Omar did a great job getting to the line and Frankie made some key plays. The defence came through when it mattered!

Final Score: Kings 50 - 48 Wolves             Player of the Game:   FRANCISCO ANSALDO 11pts/7rebs/2blks - 57% Shooting

WARRIORS vs HORNETS: Easy work for the Warriors as the miserable season continues for the Hornets. The Hornets have some solid players but they could desperately use a coach, practice sessions, and maybe some team bonding sessions lol. 50 point first half for the Warriors and they looked impressive in this one. 

Final Score: Warriors 77 - 49 Hornets             Player of the Game:   AAKGASH NATHAN 18pts/4rebs/5asts/4stls - 62% Shooting

NUGGETS vs BLAZERS: Statement game from the Nuggets. GM Ray has his team on a string right now and would not expect anything less from the former multiple GM of the Year winner. GM Suren was unavailable in this one but his team got roughed up for the first time all season. Jesse, Joe and Tristan were incredible. Let's see if the Blazers can bounce back. 

Final Score: Nuggets 74 - 61 Blazers             Player of the Game:   JESSE WILLIAMS 17pts/12rebs/4asts/3stls - 70% Shooting