Gonna keep this nice and short as Professor X was unavailable this week. Thank you all for making this one of the best and most competitive seasons ever. We just getting started fellas.

KINGS vs HEAT: The Kings win one with an impressive 2nd half. Omar Mourad was unbelievable and has become one of my favorite players to watch. He looks like he is in so much better shape compared to when he was with us in Tier 1 and it is going to pay off big time in Comp Division. Dude is quicker and just as crafty which is bad news for the rest of the division. Heat battled tough in the first half but looked a little tired and nervous in the 2nd half. They just gotta play loose and grind it out and things will turn for them. 

Final Score: Kings 66 - 45 Heat               Player of the Game:  OMAR MOURAD  30pts/4rebs/2asts -  57% Shooting 

BLAZERS vs CLIPPERS: This was a great game to say the least. Two contenders battling it out. Saw some good defence out of both teams but some careless fouls and turnovers in key moments. Blazers hold them off and secure the win in overtime. Would be great to see these two battle down the road in the playoffs!

Final Score: Blazers 53 - 51 Clippers               Player of the Game:  DUZAN INDRASITHU 22pts/9rebs/1ast/1stl/2blks

WOLVES vs HORNETS: The Wolves secure their first dub in a close one against the Hornets. They were doing whatever they could to give the game away with back to back turnovers on inbounds plays (both by their vets) which is inexcusable. But with that being said, they really battled tough all game and the debut of Anthony was a blessing as he provided them the necessary scoring to keep them in games. Anthony hit the cold blooded three near the end of the game and the Wolves are now looking like they can do some damage if they get the chemistry right. Naresh went down with an injury but hopefully he recovers soon! Hornets lose another heartbreaker and they had a chance to win it with a three by Abdi but it was not meant to be. They do have a roster spot open and hopefully they can get another body to help them.

Final Score: Wolves 47 - 45 Hornets               Player of the Game:  ANTHONY JEYAKANTHAN  29pts/4rebs/2asts/3stls 

NUGGETS vs SUNS: Did not see much of this game but looks like I didn't need to as the Nuggets destroyed the Suns. What a debut for Tristan as he fit in like a glove on this team. When you have an MVP candidate with several good role players...it is good recipe for success. I see great things in the Nuggets future and having a three time GM of the Year in ETBL does not hurt. The Suns were without Kapi once again and they are still looking to fill a roster spot which they will need to do immediately before they lose control of the season. Top 12 make it to the playoffs and so it is go time for them. 

Final Score: Nuggets 84 - 56 Suns               Player of the Game:  TRISTAN QUARRY  35pts/4rebs/8asts/1blk - 63% Shooting

CAVALIERS vs NETS: Only a handful of guys can make a debut like this and Janath is certainly of those dudes. He is already being vocal and getting his guys in position and although the Cavs are an extremely young and inexperienced team...Janath is the exact guy to help them speed up the learning curve. The stat line speaks for itself but the leadership and control he had on the game was what stood out. The Nets were missing a couple key guys but looks like they struggled a lot on getting easy buckets and I will credit the Cavs with the solid defence. Let's see if they can bounce back in the next one.

Final Score: Cavaliers 46 - 31 Nets               Player of the Game:  JANATH KUMAR 17pts/17rebs/5asts/1st/3blks