Great things come to those who wait but let's not wait too long before the season gets out of hand. We are approaching the midway point and teams have to look themselves in the mirror and see what they can do to improve their squad. Work to get better in any way possible! Did not catch all the games so will only really comment on the ones I did. Let's go.

MAGIC vs NETS: This was a track meet! The game was very fast paced and the Magic took advantage. They were missing a bunch of key players but it goes to show you how deep this team is. The Nets tried keeping up but once the second half hit they ran out of gas. With Javed controlling the pace and the Molera Bros running the floor...the game started to look like a scrimmage at the "Y". Justin and Matthew combined for 32 and really hurt the Nets in this one. Nick and Randy contributed on defence and overall it was a solid win for the shorthanded Magic. Hopefully the Nets have some other tricks up their sleeves because what they are doing right now is not working. They got the pieces but can they figure out the chemistry and offence. 

Final Score: Magic 55 - 32 Nets               Player of the Game:  JUSTIN MOLERA  20pts/3rebs/5asts/1stl -  58% Shooting 

GRIZZLIES vs KINGS: This was a beatdown by the Grizz and they look like they will be a threat all season. GM Gohulan looks like he finally got a team that can compete for the title. They only had 5 guys but 'Mooooostafaaaaa' came to play and absolutely torched the Kings. Dude can do it all as a skilled big man with solid footwork and shooting. He was raining threes and grabbing boards all game! Kings need to find some offence when their top guys aren't producing and this was a dissapointing loss considering how shorthanded the Grizz were. They will look to bounce back next game. 

Final Score: Grizzlies 62 - 34 Kings               Player of the Game:  MUSTAFA POPALZAI  26pts/10rebs/2asts/1stl -  50% Shooting 

WOLVES vs RAPTORS: The Wolves escape the Abilities Centre with a nice dub against the Raptors. Anthony put them on their back in the late stages and just straight up stole this game from the Raps. GM Treveen will have to figure something out quick as they have been arguably the biggest dissapointment in the league. Their roster looked solid but the play has been far from it. Let's see if they can make a run soon. 

Final Score: Wolves 48 - 47 Raptors               Player of the Game:  ANTHONY JEYAKANTHAN   21pts/7rebs/1ast/1stl 

LAKERS vs HEAT: The Lakeshow continue to do their thing. Christian O. has been tremendous so far and is shooting a rediculous 74% in his last 2 games!!! Their schedule has not been the toughest but they will get the Clippers next game and we shall see how good this team is actually. Good start to the season but we got a long way to go. The Heat are in trouble as they just can't seem to muster up enough offence and come up with stops on defence. They were missing Malcolm which certainly does not help but let's see if GM Shay can get things going in the next one. 

Final Score: Lakers 63 - 33 Heat              Player of the Game:  CHRISTIAN OVERHOLT  25pts/7rebs/7asts/2stls -  73% Shooting 

SUNS vs HORNETS: The Suns get a much needed win against the winless Hornets. GM Kapi finally can breathe a little easier but he has more work to do as this game does not look like it was their best. GM Sugee did all he could to in this rivalry game and dropped a game high 22 points and 10 rebounds but fell short ONCE AGAIN! Another close loss for the Hornets and that shit must be frustrating. Their jerseys are fire tho lol. 

Final Score: Suns 49 - 46 Hornets             Player of the Game:  ADRIAN SIVARAJ  8pts/11rebs/5asts/3stls -  60% Shooting 

BULLS vs NUGGETS: The Bulls have got to be the most resilient team in the league! In a game where Tristan Quarry outscored the Bulls in the first half....yeah i didn't stutter...Bulls definitely turned it around in the second half. Thanks to who I like to call "The Catalyst" Lawrence Tappin and "The Anchor" Robert Scott. Add their scoring runs together with 2 big money balls from Tizzy (Tisant) and the Bulls dropped an impressive 37 in the second half. The real story though is still Tristan's performance! To do what he did with only 4 players to help get him there is truly amazing. Even with the loss nothing but respect for who I am sure is going to be the scoring champ this year! Get a hand up! Prolly still doesn't matter though. These two teams will be a force all season.

Final Score: Bulls 60 - 52 Nuggets             Player of the Game:  ROBERT SCOTT  18pts/10rebs/2asts/4stls -  69% Shooting 

WARRIORS vs CAVALIERS: The Dubs seal the victory over a solid Cavs team. Chris and Jah combine for 30 and they were a big reason why the Warriors were able to get this one. A big second half performance and they are going to be a tough team come playoff time. They got a bit of everything and that will serve them well when it is go time. Cavaliers had a special performance from Jaathus as he dropped a career high 16 points on flawless shooting. Meanwhile, Janath dropped 16 rebounds and 10 dimes but unfortunately only had 1 basket all game. Can he get this team clicking on all cylinders? Time will tell. 

Final Score: Warriors 56 - 50 Cavaliers             Player of the Game:   JAHLOVE LYNCH 15pts/9rebs/3asts/5stls