Got busy this week and so did the players. Let's see who did what last Sunday gentlemen. 

LAKERS vs CLIPPERS: Two teams heading in opposite directions. Lakeshow continues with big efforts from Deshaun and Christian as they combined for 34 and grinded out this victory. Christian hit a clutch game winner on a one foot pull up jumper just above the freethrow line...kid is rediculous. Clippers meanwhile just could not get anything going offensively and they are going to have to figure it out soon. Slow the game down, protect the ball and get everyone involved. Time is ticking. 

Final Score: Lakers 43 - 41 Clippers             Player of the Game:   CHRISTIAN OVERHOLT 18pts/10rebs/1ast/5stls 

BLAZERS vs CAVALIERS: This was a gritty one with lots of players who know each other. Duzan was locked up by the Cavs in this one but Suren and Anson stepped up and taught the young Cavs a lesson on in the inside. They combined to shoot 10/12 and really were the difference in this one. Ayam made his debut for the Cavs and he will help them certainly. Blazers stay undefeated while the Cavs look to regroup. 

Final Score: Blazers 58 - 49 Cavaliers            Player of the Game:    SUREN UDAYAKUMAR 15pts/6rebs/1stl/2blks -  83% Shooting 

MAGIC vs HORNETS: The Magic pull one off shorthanded and they continue to roll this season. Hornets were even more shorthanded playing only 5 guys and they desperately need to add a player to the roster. They are winless and are not going to make the playoffs at this rate. GM Sugee better start making some changes or they are going to come up short every game. Magic are going to be tough to beat come playoff time if everyone shows up. 

Final Score: Magic 55 - 48 Hornets                Player of the Game:   MATTHEW MOLERA 15pts/4rebs/1ast - 56% Shooting

NETS vs WOLVES: The Nets dominate the Wolves in this one. Wolves came out really flat in this one. Jamshed tried to carry the team but his team high 16 wasn't enough. Nets had a great gameplan for Anthony, one of the leagues most explosive players. They held him to only 8 points! Nets were lead by Nick Slater and Trey john on offense. Nick Slater shot 50% and scored 17 points and Trey shot 50% from three and finished with 14 points. Great defense as always by the Nets which is what really turned this into a blow out as the Wolves could not take care of the ball in the second half.

Final Score: Nets 52 - 28 Wolves              Player of the Game:    NICK SLATER 17pts/8rebs/1asts/3stls/1blk -  50% Shooting 

NUGGETS vs KINGS: The Nuggets were without their MVP candidate (Tristan) and former 3 time GM of the Year (Ray) but it did not matter as they still beat the Kings in this one. Big time games from Chad, Jesse and Joe as they did a little bit of everything for the Nuggets. If these guys can play like this when the whole team is there then the Nuggets are a championship team. Joe with 8 steals is absolutely rediculous! Kings got 47 total from Francisco, Omar and Stallone but they just could not get enuff defensive stops down the stretch. 

Final Score: Nuggets 67 - 60 Kings           Player of the Game:   JOE DELA ROSA 23pts/2rebs/5asts/8stls -  57% Shooting 

GRIZZLIES vs BULLS: Great game from what I seen on IG Live. Calling timeouts when you did not have and then Lawrence missing the freethrow to win the game...going to overtime and Mustafa hitting a big three to start it...just a whole lot of stuff happened in this one. Grizzlies made mistakes but held on and got a big win. They were too big for the Bulls in this one and missing Robert was critical for the Bulls. Would love to see a rematch in the playoffs between these two heavyweights. 

Final Score: Grizzlies 66 - 60 Bulls           Player of the Game:    GOHULAN SIVAKUMAR 15pts/4rebs/5asts/2stls/1blk -  50% Shooting 

WARRIORS vs SUNS: Warrior nation just rolling along even without Chris D'Souza. Jahlove was incredible in this one and is a real life 'Kawhai' with the way he handles himself and the defence he provides. He was everywhere and did just about everything for the squad. Ryan had 19 and Aakgash had 14 to help the Dubs finish this game. Suns battled tough but take another L. They are going to have to get it together soon as we are at the halfway point of the season.

Final Score: Warriors 67 - 63 Suns           Player of the Game:    JAHLOVE LYNCH 22pts/8rebs/2asts/3stls/2blks -  54% Shooting 

RAPTORS vs HEAT: What a game for the Raps as they finally blasted a team out of the water this season. They used their speed and athleticism to outgun Miami and they might have finally got their confidence and swagger back. Newcomer Jason Helwig hit 5 triples and really spread the floor out for the Raps. He is going to be lethal from downtown and other teams will have to stick with him all game. Which is good news for Mithun who will have more space to operate and go one on one with opponents. Heat drop another and are going to have an uphill climb to make the playoffs (top 12) but they still have time to get it going. 

Final Score: Raptors 75 - 52 Heat           Player of the Game:     MITHUN KRISH 30pts/5rebs/3asts/3stls/1blk -  50% Shooting