Let's update the players of the week for past Sunday and get ready for more action tonight! Mid season power rankings coming up this week as well! 

BLAZERS vs LAKERS: Too much Duzan for the Lakeshow as he was incredible again. Christian and company will have to step it up against the big dawgs if they wanna make some noise this season. Blazers stay undefeated. 

Final Score: Blazers 49 - 38 Lakers             Player of the Game:   DUZAN INDRASITHU 27pts/9rebs/2asts/4stls - 50% Shooting 

CAVALIERS vs CLIPPERS: Damn. Clippers get humbled like no other team in the history of ETBL. The scoreboard doesn't even go to 100 but the basketball gods had mercy and left it at 99. That is right...99 points by the Cavs...52 points by Janath himself!!! Outscored the entire Clippers team who showed up with 5 guys and not the best 5 either. Without Avery and Malcolm this was going to be a disaster but not sure we expected it to be this bad. Clippers might be one of the biggest dissapointments ever but they still have time to turn it around.

Final Score: Cavaliers 99 - 42 Clippers             Player of the Game:   JANATH KUMAR 52pts/12rebs/5asts/8stls - 53% Shooting 

BULLS vs HORNETS: Yikes. Just when you thought a season could not get any worse. The Hornets fumble and show up shorthanded and will not only take a forfeit but a fine. GM Sugee has to get things in order asap or else this season will be over fast. 

Final Score: Bulls 25 - 0 Hornets             Player of the Game:  The stats guys and referees who did not have to work lol

 Grizz take care of business with a huge performance from their shooters. Ryan and Krishnaa combined for 43 points and absolutely torched the Suns. Krishnaa in particular showed off his marksmanship and teams have to recognize where he is on the floor at all times. The Grizz keep having a different player of the game each week which shows you the talent they have on the roster! Suns need to get things going soon or else they will be on the outside looking in for playoffs.

Final Score: Grizzlies 68 - 47 Suns             Player of the Game:  KRISHNAA SIVANATHAN 25pts/3rebs/4asts - 58% Shooting

MAGIC vs KINGS: GM Randy pull off another win even when shorthanded which has been the theme lately. We can only imagine how good their team is at full strength. Javed led the way for them and carried the team on his back. Kings battled tough but couldn't get the right breaks down the stretch. 

Final Score: Magic 60 - 51 Kings             Player of the Game:  JAVED AHMAD 32pts/9rebs/3asts/1stl 

WARRIORS vs WOLVES: GM Wilbert has this Warriors team humming along. He has the right pieces in place for a deep run and maybe even a championship. They took out the Wolves pretty easily with a dominant performance from one of the best shooters in ETBL (Ryan J.) When he starts cooking you better blanket him and not give him any space. Wolves failed to do that and they got burned. 35 piece and some fries on the side. 

Final Score: Warriors 64 - 49 Wolves             Player of the Game:  RYAN JAYASINGHE 35pts/6rebs/3asts/2stl - 61% Shooting

NUGGETS vs RAPTORS: Great game and the Nuggets just barely held on. Jason and Mithun did all they could to steal this game but GM Ray's team made just enough plays at the end. Apparently, Tristan just got to the gym off a flight and still put up some great numbers for the team. Missed opportunity for the Raps but there is still time to get things going. Jason played his best game of the season and showed he is more than just a shooter.  

Final Score: Nuggets 67 - 64 Raptors             Player of the Game:  TRISTAN QUARRY 25pts/3rebs/3asts - 50% Shooting