Got the week 9 recaps below! 

LAKERS vs WOLVES: The Lakeshow survive in overtime! It was an ugly game on both sides but Christian and company keep finding ways to win. Wolves are on the brink of extinction after this critical loss. 

Final Score: Lakers 37 - 33 Wolves             Player of the Game:   CHRISTIAN OVERHOLT 11pts/12rebs/1ast

SUNS vs HEAT: Holy cow! The Suns are on fire right now. After adding Austin this team has been on a tear. Eric and Adrian are also playing out of their minds and it is great to see this team finally unlock its potential. The Heat have taken their lumps this season and this is another one.

Final Score: Suns 78 - 42 Heat             Player of the Game:    ADRIAN SIVARAJ 10pts/19rebs/14asts/1stl - 63% Shooting

BLAZERS vs GRIZZLIES: The Blazers remain undefeated with a nice win over the Grizz. Duzan went into super saiyan mode once again and just carried the Blazers over the finish line. When you got 'The Duz' anything is possible. Grizzlies were shorthanded and ran out of gas in the 2nd half.

Final Score: Blazers 58 - 50 Grizzlies             Player of the Game:   DUZAN INDRASITHU 41pts/4rebs/3asts/5stls - 52% Shooting

NETS vs KINGS: This game does not deserve a recap. After what the Commish told me about what happened (along with other players that witnessed it) just extremely dissapointing to say the least. We got another player being banned from the league and I agree that it should be the only punishment that is fair. I woulda banned everyone that was involved to be honest! If you do not have respect for the league or the players...you should not be playing in it. Point, blank, period. Stop trashtalking and just play the freaking game...

Final Score: Nets 72 - 44 Kings             Player of the Game:    VISHNU BALAMURALY 25pts/3rebs/3asts/3stls - 67% Shooting

RAPTORS vs HORNETS: The Raps ran all over the Hornets in this one and kept them undefeated. Mithun and company are looking to make a late playoff push and have some new life on the season. They could definitely give a higher seeded team some issues in that first round. Hornets are just playing out the string at this point.

Final Score: Raptors 76 - 56 Hornets             Player of the Game:    JASON HELWIG 27pts/17rebs/6asts

CAVALIERS vs BULLS: Big second half push from the Cavs to take this one down. Janath doing all he can to make sure this team is secured firmly in the playoff picture. The Bulls lose a close one but have locked a playoff spot already so not too big of a deal unless they were trying to get a top 4 seed. We shall see if they can bounce back. 

Final Score: Cavaliers 59 - 55 Bulls           Player of the Game:     JANATH KUMAR 28pts/9rebs/7asts/3stls/1blk